Standing Tall


Taken with my cell phone camera as I was strolling around my office after lunch. It was day with the clouds and it made a perfect picture.



In the smile of a child
I see the peace
of the flowers white
the Yellow shade of the dawn

Where a child extends her arms
there i wish for a full moon
the sound of the waves
the warm sand of the beach
a tight hug
and a peck on my cheek.

Salutations to Lord Maha Vishnu

Sometimes it so happens in life that you are dragged away from what you normally are, without you being aware of it. It takes time to realize. Sometimes it takes a lot of energy to get back. But very rarely it takes sincere and conscious efforts of your loving family members to understand your situation and make careful attempts to bring you back to where you need to be.

This day, I am thankful to my Wife, my Daughter, my Brother and all of my family who believed in me and brought me back before I became the two face Harvey Dent. Above all, the play of the Supreme Lord Maha Vishnu, our family Diety, has helped us in various forms to restore balance and normalcy in our Family.

This is a photograph of Lord Maha Vishnu in the ancient ruins of Somnathpur Temple shot during the trip in July 2010. I have lots of good photographs that I believe can find its place here, to be shared with the world and I wanted to start with a simple salutations to Lord Maha Vishnu. I will bring them all here as I can, for your viewing pleasure.